Current Research Projects

  1. Cooling of solar PV modules
  2. CubeSat deployable radiator design
  3. Venusian wind turbine design


Past Research Projects

  1. Flow in Porous Media
  2. Wind turbine wake modelling and experimentation
  3. Flow over urban structures
  4. Wind farm yaw optimization
  5. Urban wind energy harvesting


Researchers Title Forum Year
Zacharias Garza, Kevin Pan, Anthony Izaguirre, Saul Loza, Jonathan Serrano, Oscar Lopez, Jim Kuo, Jonathan Sauder Design of a Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine for Venusian Environment ASME IMECE 2021
Maria Munguia, Gabriella Shibata, Osvaldo Castro, Spencer Miesner, Sufi Asadi, Anthony De Leon, Allan Hernandez, Christopher Molina, Jered Bell, Madison Lytle, Kieran Wolk, Scott Roberts, Benjamin Furst, Eric Sunada, John Bellardo, Takuro Daimaru, Jim Kuo Design, Modeling, Simulation, and Testing of Flexible Joint ASME IMECE 2021
Y Curtis Wang, Jim Kuo, He Shen, David E Raymond, Mathias J Brieu A Human-Centric Engineering Education Model Inspired from Modern Manufacturing Processes (ASEE-TELPhE Division Best Paper) ASEE 2021
Onashly Enia Hayes, Jianyu Jane Dong, Pearl Chen, Jim Kuo, John Christopher Bachman Using Asset-based Participatory Design Thinking to Develop Culturally-Relevant STEM Video Modules to Promote Intrinsic Motivation ASEE PSW 2021
Levon Ghabuzyan, Kevin Pan, Arianna Fatahi, Jim Kuo, Christopher Baldus-Jeursen Thermal Effects on Photovoltaic Array Performance: Experimentation, Modeling, and Simulation Applied Sciences 2021
Levon Ghabuzyan, Jim Kuo, Christopher Baldus-Jeursen Quantifying the Effects of Convective Heat Transfer on Photovoltaic Performance and Optimal Tilt Angle ASME IMECE 2020
Kevin Pan, Jim Kuo The Impact of Pitot Tube Size on Velocity Field in a Closed Return Wind Tunnel ASME IMECE (Student Poster Competition) 2020
Jim Kuo, Kevin Pan, Ni Li, He Shen Wind Farm Yaw Optimization via Random Search Algorithm Energies 2020
Levon Ghabuzyan, Christopher Luengas, Jim Kuo Urban Wind Harvesting Using Flow-Induced Vibrations AJUR 2020
Jim Kuo, Ni Li, He Shen A Feasibility Study of Wind Farm Yaw Angle Optimization ASME IMECE 2019
Ni Li, Arianna Fatahi, Dennis Lee, Jim Kuo, He Shen Wind Effects on Power Generation of Solar Farm in California ASME IMECE 2019
Levon Ghabuzyan, Charles Chhun, Jose Vega, Zinrry Bravo, Jim Kuo, Jonathan Sauder A Design Methodology for Venusian Wind Turbines VEXAG (Poster) 2019
Jim Kuo, Justin Moon, Nancy Warter-Perez Supplemental Videos for Heat Transfer: How Long? How Many? What Type? ASEE PSW 2019
Daniel Lopez, Jim Kuo, Ni Li A Novel Wake Model for Yawed Wind Turbines Energy 2019
Jim Kuo, Danyal Rehman, David A. Romero, Cristina H. Amon A Novel Wake Model for Wind Farm Design on Complex Terrains JWEIA 2018
Jim Kuo, Ni Li, Daniel Lopez Modeling of Traffic CO Emission in Urban Communities ASCE ICSI 2017
Peter Zhang, Jim Kuo, David A. Romero, Timothy Chan, Cristina H. Amon Robust Wind Farm Layout Optimization in Advances and Trends in Optimization with Engineering Applications MOS-SIAM Book Series on Optimization 2017
Jim Kuo, David A. Romero, J. Christopher Beck, Cristina H. Amon Wind Farm Layout Optimization on Complex Terrains - Integrating a CFD Wake Model with Mixed-Integer Programming Applied Energy 2016
Ping Gu, Jim Kuo, David A. Romero, Cristina H. Amon Understanding the Influence of Terrain Roughness and Turbine Geometry in the Far Wake Region of Wind Turbine Wakes ASME IMECE 2016
Jim Kuo, David A. Romero, Cristina H. Amon A Mechanistic Semi-Empirical Wake Interaction Model for Wind Farm Layout Optimization Energy 2015
Jim Kuo, Irene A. Wong, David A. Romero, J. Christopher Beck, Cristina H. Amon Wind Farm Layout Optimization in Complex Terrains Using Computational Fluid Dynamics ASME IDETC 2015
Jim Kuo, David A. Romero, Cristina H. Amon A Novel Wake Interaction Model for Wind Farm Layout Optimization ASME IMECE 2014
Jonathon Jilesen, Jim Kuo, Fue-Sang Lien Three-Dimensional Midpoint Displacement Algorithm for the Generation of Fractal Porous Media Computers & Geosciences 2012
Patricia M. Nieva, Jim Kuo, Shiuh-hua W. Chiang, Abdullah Syed A Novel MOEMS Pressure Sensor: Modelling and Experimental Evaluation Sadhana 2009

Contact Information

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California State University, Los Angeles
5151 State University Drive
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